Tuesday, 29 May 2018

High wages and the capacity to assume responsibility are two things that belong together.

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It’s been said that a leader’s job is to inspire others to high levels of achievement, while a manager’s job is to protect the assets of investors. The most successful people are those who recognize the similarities and differences between leadership and management responsibilities, fulfilling both with equal skill and aplomb. When they do, they realize the rewards that are commensurate with their efforts. When you cheerfully accept responsibility for your own actions and do your job in a way that protects the interests of your employer, you will soon be entrusted with more and more responsibilities. And those who have the capacity to assume responsibility — for the success of the project or organization — will always be paid the highest salaries. 

Robbins-Madanes Training

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At Robbins-Madanes Training we work hard on cultivating real results in people’s lives. It’s how we make our impact in the world.
There’s nothing better than hearing back from people who’ve used one of our strategies to improve their life.
So… do you have a story like that? We’d love to hear it.
Every story counts!
In fact, to encourage you to take the time to write about your experience, we’re giving away a bonkers prize: one scholarship to Tony Robbins' legendary workshop, Unleash the Power Within.

Would you like to come to see Tony onstage... on us?
Here’s how to do it:
1. Write to us (here - support@robbinsmadanestraining.com via email) with your story… any way that Tony or Robbins-Madanes Training has helped you.
2. We will read every single response (yay!) and select some finalists. Then, Monday night, we will pick one entry via lottery, here at Robbins-Madanes headquarters.
3. We will notify the lucky winner on Tuesday. As the winner, you can attend UPW anytime in the next 12 months within the U.S! And yes, you can give the ticket to a friend or family member. 

Sound good? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your teachers,
Tony Robbins | Magali Peysha | Mark Peysha | Cloe Madanes
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The greatest of all success rules is this: do unto others as you would if you were the others.

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The Golden Rule is more than a principle of ethical behavior; it is a dynamic force that can work good in the lives of untold numbers of people. When you make it a practice to treat others as though you were the others, you spread goodwill among people who, in turn, may be moved to do the same. By their actions, they influence still more people, who generate goodwill among even more people. This force for goodwill increases exponentially and will return to you from totally new sources. The benefit you receive from a good deed performed today by a total stranger may have been a chain reaction from long ago when you observed the Golden Rule in your own dealings with another. 

Saturday, 26 May 2018

The imagination is the workshop of the soul, where are shaped all the plans for individual achievement.

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Before you can build anything worthwhile, you must first create it in your mind. Your mind is not constrained by physical limitations or boundaries. In the workshop of your mind, you can visualize things that have never been. It is said that Albert Einstein visualized how the universe might look if he were riding astride a beam of light through infinity. Then he worked out the mathematics to support his theory of relativity. You can use the power of your imagination to visualize solutions to difficult problems, to develop new ideas, and to see yourself achieving the goals you have set for yourself. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

When the going is hardest, just keep on keeping on, and you’ll get there sooner than someone who finds the going easy.

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If you think achieving great heights of success will be easy, you either don’t understand at all how the process works or you have your sights set too low. Reaching the top of any field is difficult, time-consuming, and often tedious. The reason it isn’t crowded at the top is that most people won’t do the things that are necessary to achieve success. They are all too willing to give up when the going gets tough. If you need inspiration to persevere, read the biographies of men and women who have achieved greatness in their lives. You will find that they prevailed because they refused to quit. They continued to toil alone long after the masses had given up and gone home. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

If you are a shepherd, be the best and you may live to own the flock.

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One of the most wonderful things about life is that we are all unique with different levels of intelligence, interests, aptitudes, and desires. How dreadfully dull it would be if we all wanted to be nuclear physicists — or bakers. But, regardless of the gifts we may have received at birth and whichever skills we may have since developed, we all have the capability to be the best at what we do. Being the best is strictly a reflection of your attitude and your desire. Whether you are a salesperson, an executive, a secretary, or an assembly-line worker, you have the capacity to be as good as you choose to be. When you become outstanding at what you do, you will discover greatly increased demand for your services. When you become the best in your line of work, you may be asked so often to help other “sheep” that you will soon own your own “flock.” 

High wages and the capacity to assume responsibility are two things that belong together.

Posted by Yorks Living It’s been said that a leader’s job is to inspire others to high levels of achievement, while a manager’s job is to ...