Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Robbins-Madanes Training

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At Robbins-Madanes Training we work hard on cultivating real results in people’s lives. It’s how we make our impact in the world.
There’s nothing better than hearing back from people who’ve used one of our strategies to improve their life.
So… do you have a story like that? We’d love to hear it.
Every story counts!
In fact, to encourage you to take the time to write about your experience, we’re giving away a bonkers prize: one scholarship to Tony Robbins' legendary workshop, Unleash the Power Within.

Would you like to come to see Tony onstage... on us?
Here’s how to do it:
1. Write to us (here - support@robbinsmadanestraining.com via email) with your story… any way that Tony or Robbins-Madanes Training has helped you.
2. We will read every single response (yay!) and select some finalists. Then, Monday night, we will pick one entry via lottery, here at Robbins-Madanes headquarters.
3. We will notify the lucky winner on Tuesday. As the winner, you can attend UPW anytime in the next 12 months within the U.S! And yes, you can give the ticket to a friend or family member. 

Sound good? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your teachers,
Tony Robbins | Magali Peysha | Mark Peysha | Cloe Madanes
Robbins-Madanes Training

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